Brandenburg calls for strengthening Michigan’s laws on Iran sanctions

Sen. Jack Brandenburg

Sen. Jack Brandenburg

Lansing, Mich. — State Sen. Jack Brandenburg announced today that in light of the nuclear agreement negotiated by President Obama’s administration he is reviewing the state’s sanctions on the country of Iran.

“In 2012, Senator Roger Kahn put forward legislation that I co-sponsored that prohibited businesses that have economic relationships with Iran from being awarded public contracts,” said Brandenburg, R-Harrison Township. “I believe Senator Kahn was on the right track three years ago and the time to strengthen our state’s sanctions on Iran is now.”

Brandenburg said Obama’s agreement with Iran is a bad one.

“Iran cannot be trusted, and in fact, I have not trusted Iran since 1979 when they took 60 Americans hostage at the U.S. embassy in Tehran,” Brandenburg said. “The fact that Hezbollah and Vladimir Putin praise the deal should be evidence enough of its many faults. The deal does not require the closing of any Iranian nuclear facilities and frees up $150 billion in aid that will undoubtedly be used against us.”

Brandenburg also said that one of the ways he intends on strengthening the state’s Iranian sanctions is by crafting legislation that will disallow any business with economic ties to Iran from receiving economic development incentives from the state.   

“The Obama administration regrettably seems to believe lifting sanctions on Iran is the right thing to do,” Brandenburg added. “I find this incomprehensible and am committed to doing what I can as a state senator to ensure Iran receives as little help as possible in its undeniable quest in obliterating our allies and eventually us.”