Legislature approves petition for federal balanced budget amendment

For Immediate Release    
March 27, 2014   

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LANSING, Mich.— The Michigan Legislature on Wednesday approved a petition for a federal balanced budget amendment.

Senate Joint Resolution V petitions Congress to call a convention of the states for the limited purpose of proposing a balanced budget amendment (BBA) to the United States Constitution. The BBA would require an annual federal budget in which spending does not exceed revenues.

“Michiganders tighten their purse-strings when money is tight,” said Brandenburg, R-Harrison Township. “Why should government be any different?

“Balancing one’s checkbook is one of the most basic duties of Michigan families in order to rein in spending and avoid debt. The federal government needs to do the same.”

As a joint resolution, the petition does not require Gov. Snyder’s signature. However, the governor urged its passage during his most recent State of the State Address. 

“If we balance our budget at home, we balance our budget at work, why can’t the federal government balance theirs?” Snyder stated, followed by enthusiastic cheers and applause.

Twenty-two other states have already approved the resolution. Once adopted by 15 more, it becomes binding on Congress to issue the call. Any BBA amendment proposed by the convention would still have to be ratified by three-fourths of the states before taking effect.