Sen. Brandenburg District Update

Michigan’s state budget — it’s a wrap!

For the seventh year in a row, the Legislature delivered a responsible and balanced budget, several months ahead of the fiscal year deadline.

Our plan focuses on issues important to Michigan families, such as jobs, schools and public safety. Top priorities include:

  • An increase in the School Aid budget by more than $415 million over last year;
  • An investment of more than $12 million to hire 150 new State Police Troopers;
  • Added funds for more staff and training to ensure veterans receive proper care;
  • Increased support for skilled trades training to prepare workers for in-demand jobs; and
  • An increase in transportation funding by more than $231 million.

The budget also strengthens the state’s finances by paying $1.3 billion toward schools’ retirement debt and adding to the state’s Rainy Day Fund.


Sen. Brandenburg supports bill to fight credit card fraud

Criminals find any number of ways to steal personal information from consumers.

One method is electronic skimming devices installed on gas pumps. Scammers are able to install skimmers, which copy credit and debit card information and can be sold or used to make counterfeit cards. In fact, nearly 70 credit card skimmers have been found and removed from gas pumps across Michigan since 2015.

The Senate recently passed Senate Bill 415, which would require greater security measures at the pump to restrict unauthorized access of customer payment card information and prevent the use of skimmers.

While many gas stations already have security measures in place, the legislation would ensure all stations provide this consumer protection.


MSP adds new canine teams

Some of this summer’s recent graduates go by the names of Rocko, Starsky and Boomer!

They are members of 12 new canine teams, as well as one replacement team, that graduated from the Michigan State Police (MSP) 2017 Basic Canine School. As part of the program, the canine teams covered more than 100 miles on foot and received training in areas including tracking, narcotics detection, building search, property search, obedience and aggression.

The MSP now has 43 canine teams working throughout Michigan. The canine unit handles more than 6,000 requests for service each year, making it one of the largest and busiest in the country.


Fall turkey hunting

While the spring season is the traditional time to hunt wild turkey, limited fall hunts are offered in specific areas. Hunting applications are available through Aug. 1. The application fee is $5. Licenses and applications may be purchased at any authorized license agent or online at Find more information in the Michigan Fall Turkey Digest at