Senator Brandenburg District Update

Sen. Jack Brandenburg

Sen. Jack Brandenburg

Sen. Brandenburg backs new laws to reduce red tape for schools

School resources should be focused on the classroom and helping our children learn and succeed.

A package of Senate bills now signed into law will reduce red tape so educators can focus on student achievement. The new laws end unnecessary and burdensome state reporting requirements that are often redundant or may even be obsolete by the submission date!

Removing these requirements means there’s less time spent on wasteful paperwork. And that means more time can be focused on duties directly affecting students and their academic performance.

Sen. Brandenburg supports new law to modernize veterans homes

Our veterans have made many sacrifices in service to our country. We must make sure they receive the highest standards of care they so fully deserve.

I supported Senate legislation — now law — to establish the Michigan Veterans’ Facility Authority.  Under the new law, the Authority has the ability to bond for the construction of new state-of-the-art veteran facilities. The first phase would site facilities in Grand Rapids and Detroit. Subsequent phases would locate future homes in different areas of the state. In addition, the Legislature appropriated separate funding in the FY 17 budget for improvements to the veterans home in Marquette.

Under Public Acts 560-563 of 2016, our veterans will have better access to quality long-term care services.

Business services expanded on Treasury website

The Michigan Treasury Online website has been updated to improve its internet services to business taxpayers.

Among other transactions, businesses can upload their W-2s and other wage statements, request fuel credit refunds and perform other paperless taxpayer duties online. Visit for more information.

Winter free fishing weekend approaching

Whatever the weather, fishing offers a great way to spend time in Outdoor Michigan!

Michigan’s annual Winter Free Fishing Weekend — held February 18 and 19 this year — provides an opportunity to enjoy a special season of fishing, either on the ice or along open water. All fishing license fees are waived for the two days. All fishing regulations still apply. Parking is also free at state parks and state boating access sites during the free fishing weekend!

Find more information, including sponsored events, at Access the 2016-2017 Michigan Fishing Guide at